Copper Embossed Handwork

Copper Embossed Handwork

Copper sheet embossing is not a modern invention; it has been practiced in many parts of the globe since at least 1300 BC. It was a way for artisans to express themselves and create decorative items for everyday use. Copper embossing was employed by artisans to create intricate panels for temples, particularly in India and some regions of South-East Asia. Later, the panels were created and used for different things, like gates, idols, wall hangings, etc.

Initially, copper sheets were embossed, followed by other semi-soft materials like brass, bronze, iron, and bells. The traditional method of gluing a semi-hard surface underneath the sheet of copper and working on it to give it numerous complex designs has somehow remained the same for generations. A lineage transmits the conventional embossing method to younger generations.

Embossed Copper Craft from Sk metal, The melting pot of everything that is accessible, whether worldly or spiritual, the immortal from

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