Brass Hanuman Idol

Brass Hanuman Idol

Lord Hanuman's Vaastu Role:

  • Hanuman, who is the son of God Vyana (Pawan/Air), is a symbol of power and vitality. He is revered by people as a protector. According to legend, having Lord Hanuman idol  in one's home guards against ghosts, Saturn, Mars, and other negative influences.  Brass Hanuman idol's can work miracles, but its placement must adhere to Vaastu. Vaastu states that it is better to keep the brass idol of Lord Hanuman in the South. This corrects the Vaastu flaws in the South. The bedroom should have a idol of Lord Hanuman manufactured in brass. And even Vastu says that an idol of hanuman manufactured in brass should be used as it has many advantages.
  • This Hanuman idol is made by SK Metal in a very distinctive manner, and it is also made of brass. This Hanuman's idol can be placed anyplace, including an office, home, car, or even a temple, as it is produced and even the smallest of features have been carefully crafted. Additionally, manufacturers of Sk Metal must ensure that only pure brass is utilized. Sk Metal also looks after its clients and meets their needs.

Brass Hanuman's advantages include:

  • Brass Hanuman vanquishes the adversary.
  • It safeguards a person against both physical and metaphysical peril.
  • It is equally effective against bad people and spirits.
  • It promotes both material and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Fosters a sense of confidence and faith in God.