Brass Furniture in India

Brass is a material that reflects contemporary expression and the past.

Using ancient materials and creating stunning timeless designs are SkmetalCraft’s  (Shree Krishna Metal Craft) strengths. The latest collections of the brand, in which brass is combined with other fashionable materials to create exclusive furniture, confirm this.

The combination of Brass in the furniture can add warmth, texture and color to any space. It’s a gorgeous metal that will add style to any space and we’re excited to see everyone incorporating brass into their home this year.

Brass used to be the furniture material of palaces and manors, but now it’s available in modern homes, thanks to SkmetalCraft’s unique metal. Whether inlaid, veneered or simply embellished with handles and details, Brass gives furniture a special luster and a special charm. When playing with Brass furniture and design, it’s important to remember that Brass decor has texture too. The Brass surfaces are available in matte, glossy and forged finishes. This coating can have a significant impact on the overall feel of a room.  Think about the theme and design aesthetic of the room you are looking for. Brass is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Crafted with beautiful design, this watch can stand the test of time and leave a cherished legacy. Each contemporary designs of Skmetalcraft,  is a piece of treasure that not only makes a statement, but performs a unique function.

Also provide brass accessories, brass main door design, wall murals, handles, railings, balusters, main gates, sculptures, nameplates, creative works.