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Our Vision of Good Work: Through the Decades
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Our Vision of Good Work: Through the Decades

SK Metalcraft specialises in creating exquisite collection for Jain & Hindu temples, accessories, home decor, modern brass furniture, and much more. Apart from this, we at Skmetalcraft deals in gold plating, metal engraving & embossing , copper & brass home decor, brass furniture fabrication, Jain aagam (engraved on Copper) and temple metal craft.

We have served 2000+ customer in last 20 years, we have done projects in 10+ States in India. Working with Copper and brass is one of the ancient art and we have mastered the skill with traditions and modern technology. We have 6000 Sq.ft Facility in Udhna, Surat and 15+ Highly skilled staff supporting manufacturing needs. We are very much trusted by many religious organization, Architects & Interior Designer.

Shailendra Shah


Under the leadership of Mr. Shailendra Shah, with his 20+ years’ experience, Shree Krishna Metalcraft has achieved many milestones. Before entering to this business, he has gained vast knowledge in metal plating as he has appeared PHD for Micro Gold Platting. In his glorious journey he has worked with top most Architects, Interiors, Jain and Hindu Monks all over the India

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